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EASTEX Marine Corps League Scholarship Fund

Application Instructions

PURPOSE: To grant scholarships to qualified applicants in order of preference and need as follows:

1. Students that are sons and daughters, brothers or sisters, grandsons and granddaughters or, who have had aunts or uncles who were members of the Marine Corps, Naval Corpsmen assigned to the Marine Corps, are active Marine Corps League members or Naval Corpsmen assigned to a Marine Unit and/or Auxiliary members.


2. Members of the active Reserve, Marine Corps and Naval Service serving with the Marine Corps or honorably discharged Marine Corps veterans.

3. Children and grandchildren of active, associate and auxiliary members of Marine Corps League

4. Graduating Marine Corps JROTC members in good standing.

5. High School graduates



1. Applicant must complete the scholarship form and submit it to the Scholarship Committee no later than March 31st.

2. Copy of unofficial transcripts and a letter of recommendation from someone other than a family member, i.e.: Teacher, Counselor, Principal, Pastor, or Employer.

3. Answer all the questions on the attached questionnaire; include a one-page, double spaced, 12 point font essay on a current event that demonstrates patriotism. This can be a local or national news story. (For example, a home owner that argues with their HOA about displaying an American flag in their yard).

4. Submission must be post-marked by March 31, of each year.

5. Proof of an Accredited Higher Educational Institution’s acceptance and copy of registration courses must be received before funds are disbursed.

6. If attending College must carry a minimum of 9 credit hours or 6 credit hours + 1 lab.



1. The Scholarship Committee will approve all scholarship awards based on budget limitations and the availability of bingo funds.

2.  All checks will be made payable to the Educational Institution. The name and address of

Institution is to be supplied by the award applicant. The award recipient is responsible for providing verifications of enrollment and registration for courses prior to the distribution of any funds.

3. A limit of $4,000.00 per student is set per scholarship awarded.  Maximum of 2 scholarships.

4. Scholarships will be awarded to Educational Institutions within the State of

Texas only.

5. Disbursement will be $1000 per semester for 2 years.  It is the responsibility of the recipient to re- apply for the 2nd award at the conclusion of the 1st award.

6. The distribution for each semester is contingent on the applicant remaining academically in good standing.  Failure to maintain good standing or a disruption in attendance will result in the revoking of the remaining scholarship.



Scholarship Chairman

P.O. BOX 523

Conore, TX 77305


Students are also encouraged to apply for the National scholarships:

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